Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Bodies: Get One.

So I've finally looked past my paper due dates on my calendar and noticed that, hello!!, it's almost summertime!!  Time to bare it all at the beach... oh sh**!  haha  I've felt pretty good with the 15 or so lbs I've shed from moving to Boston (it's a walking city for sure) and being in grad school (aka I'm poor and have no money for food), but I'm definitely ready to finish the job!  So, as any burnt out student who's one semester away from graduation would, I spent class Wednesday night looking up awesome workouts (while still paying attention to Professor G. :) )  I found this gem of a combo from Women's Health called the Ultimate Beach Body Workout, and, duh, since it's going to take some Ultimate work to get this body in shape, I figured I could stop my search there.

So yesterday I went to Healthworks, an all women's fitness center with locations all around Boston, and the place I'm going to be doing my marketing/advertising practicum this summer (yay!  Oh I'm so stoked!) and hit it hard.  Normally I'm just a 60 min cardio/random free weight exercises kind of worker-outer, but yesterday I had the Ultimate Beach Body Workout to do!

Here's what it looks like:

I started with 30 min of cardio on the eliptical (looove it!) and then hit the bench for the workout.  It's a killer combo where you superset (do 2 exercises back to back then take a 1 min break) 4 different pairs of exercises.  All you need for the whole routine is a bench, 2 dumbbells (I alternated between 10 and 12.5 lbs), a mat and an exercise ball.  When I started, I felt like I could do a little more, so I ended up pushing my weights up a little bit, extending some of the reps, and adding weights to the lunges.

Today, I woke up feelin it, and it makes mah happy!  I highly recommend this one if you want to feel the burn all over and if you're pressed for time.  The actual workout itself only took maybe 20 min, so I decided to do another round of cardio afterwards just to reheat my muscles for some stretchin.  Need to get limber again!  :)

Since making goals public tends to help people commit to them, I'm plannin' on trackin' my progress on here with some pics, so just as a fair warning, you might want to skip over my next few posts to make sure you don't see my squeezable love handles and my thunder thighs, as my sister called them when I was growing up (Thanks, V!!!  Ya jerk!! :)  )


  1. i don't remember calling you that!! that's such a lie! you were in shape and you did lots of activities. Keep up the good work though. I'll be joining you soon:)


  2. You SOOO called me that!! The memories are burned into my brain they were so incriminating! Haha, nah, I'm a proud pear shape and have come to embrace my badonkadonk! :) haha

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