Monday, May 23, 2011

How amazing is the Lord?!

Saturday marked 3 years since my sweet Mother passed, and with all the effort I've been making over the past few months, especially this last one in particular, I was really hoping I could feel close to her and know of her continual presence in my life as she supports me in being a better person every day, a better example of Christ, a better Christian.  It's absolutely amazing to me how quickly and specifically the Lord can answer your prayers if are trying to strengthen your relationship with Him.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been trying to realign my life and day to day actions with those of the Savior's, and especially over the past month since I've taken meaningful steps towards doing that, I've come to see His merciful hand reaching out to me to help pull me up.  And without a doubt, Mom's been right there with Him cheering me on.

My Mom was probably the greatest person you could've ever known, except for Christ himself, because she always made it a point to serve others and put them first, just as Christ did.  Her awesome example of what it meant to be a disciple of Christ has always resonated in my heart as the way I should be myself.  Since I decided this year to more honor her life on the day of her passing instead of mourn her death, which is the way I think she would prefer it, it was easy to settle on a new tradition to start.  I decided to start making her day a day of service towards others and one where I would make it a point to put others needs before mine, (as I should do every day!).

I got the opportunity to go down to a battered women's shelter just down from my school and help serve lunch to ladies in need of some food.  It was truly a simple task, mine was just to hand out bananas to everyone :), but I can say without a doubt that she was there with me, helping brighten my own spirit so that we might together brighten others'.  It's simply astonishing how far a smile and a cheery, "Would you like a banana?!" :) can go.  I can't wait to go back and feel that amazing feeling again.  Selflessness like that can, from my point, also be seen as selfishness as it leaves me feeling so good inside!  :)

In trying to strengthen my relationship with the Lord I know that He's answered my prayers and that Mom's been there.  By becoming more in tune with the Spirit I've been able to become more in tune with hers, and know of her ever encouraging spirit and energy for me to improve myself.  She was hands down my greatest cheerleader here on Earth and I know she continues to be from across the veil.  In recommitting to Christ I have felt of her presence and encouragement as I sacrifice good things for better, and better for best.  I am so grateful to the Lord for His tender mercy in helping strengthen me through not only His spirit by in realizing that of my Mother's as well.  I love you, Mom, and can't wait until the day I get to be with you again.  I love you!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"You're a lot hotter than Martha"

A disclaimer to my title:  I did not think so highly of myself, although I think I could give Martha a run for her money... Girl's got skills, just not sure hair/ makeup are one of them... :)  So my department at school had our capstone presentation day yesterday, and I decided to bake cookies for all of our presenters and teachers.  When people found out I was the one who made the delectable treats at the event, one girl said, "You're a lot hotter than Martha!"  Hahaha So eat that, Martha Stewart!!  :)  

I decided to get my baking on since I am done with classes and turned in my final paper on Wednesday, so I went out and got meringue powder, a new icing kit, and a black icing pen and started baking!!  I decided to try flooding, a technique I've heard tons about but haven't ever attempted, so it was a learning experience in that regard, but super fun in the process.  It felt nice to just get things off my mind and get to be a little creative chemist in the kitchen :)

I used the vanilla almond sugar cookie recipe that Bridget @ Bake at 350 always uses, and her recipe for royal icing, as well. 

Oh, and did I mention my new icing kit?!  All my baking tools are in boxes in KY, so I had to get a new #2 tip, and apparently there's no place to just get those, haha, so I got a whole new kit!  Yay!

 It has these really convenient, interchangeable bottles and tips.  Loving it so far! :)

Here are my canvases, all outlined in perfection :) hahaha (not really, obviously)

There's been a flood!! ;)

Final products!  These were for those presenting their capstone presentations 
yesterday for the Health Law Department @ Boston University's School of Public Health
where I go to school.  Congrats, everyone!!  We did it!! :)

And what kind of a student wouldn't say THANK YOU!!! to all of their amazing professors and advisors who have helped them along the way?!

And just because I had a few extras left over :)

And here I am, proud lil mama, getting ready to head in for presentations :)  

So, from my kitchen to yers (as Ms Paula Deen says!),
"Eat THAT, Martha!" ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To A Loyal Snuggle Buddy...

This is how my bed has looked the past 2 3 weeks.  
I've been slightly consumed by all my research papers, 
but the good news is...

Dear Snuggle Buddy,

I really appreciate you having been there for me over the past 3 weeks,
but I think it's time we break up.
Well, I think tomorrow at noon it's actually time we break up,
since that's when my last paper is due.

You've been a real trooper this semester,
keepin me busy during the day 
and from getting lonely at night.

While I will look back on our time together and smile, 
I think it's time I say
see ya later, snuggle buddy, and thanks for being 
(Not that you had much competition, I only choose the best :) )

...but I did enjoy the breakup reading.
It was soo much better than the usual! :)

The Girl Who Wrote >50% of Her Entire Thesis Paper in Bed :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stoked? I Think So...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm taking Ceramics next semester :)  Needless to say, I am thoroughly stoked about my fall classes:

Communication Strategies for Public Health
Designing and Implementing a Public Health Communication Campaign
Organizational Behavior and Health Management
*Qualitative Research Methods

(*not necessarily stoked about this one...)

Is it weird that the things I'm most stoked about are that I'll have a weekly mandatory tennis date and I'll be able to make my own flower/herb pots for my garden next summer?  Ya, super stoked... :)  Get ready to see greatness, people!

And family, get excited for... wait for it... Christmas presents!! :)