Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boston Drivers: You Suck.

It's so funny to take notice of all the different types of drivers around the country and see how differently people behave on the road based on what state you're in.  In the South they drive slower, in the West they are rude, and in Boston they do what they want.  I read in a travel book that Boston drivers are the worst in the nation, and apparently insurance companies concur.  I can now agree, having lived here nearly a year now, and the picture below is prime example!

This is just an everyday occurrence out here though, so no wonder every other car around town has a ding in it!  And now, mine's included!  About a month ago I was parked on the street during class (because that's all there is out here, genius city planners...) and some white car with a driver who was clearly either a Yankee (I have southern plates on my car) or a teenage boy completely swiped the left side of my car and left my side mirror dangling like the severed limb that it now is.  Anger.  Lots of anger.  Boston, your drivers suck.  Kindly tell them to start taking the T that they are so proud of so the big kids can rule the road.  Thanks! :)

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