Saturday, April 16, 2011

Positivity! It's Positively Better! :)

I am a perfectionist and have a really nasty habit of failing to see the silver lining on things a lot.  So I've really been trying to be more positive in my life, and as you can tell from previous blog posts here and here have really been trying to make a concerted effort towards it!  I told you in one of those posts about a little exercise I've been trying to help raise my 'baseline happiness' where I write down 5 things that I'm grateful for every day.  Um, can I just tell you it's probably my favorite thing to do right now, because it's always so fun to look for a find great things in my life to be happy for!

Today's List?
1. The sprouting of leaves signaling the start of springtime!! :)
2. That both of my huge research papers drafts are submitted for review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Chocolate cake.... mmmm
4. Sunshine :)
5. Socks to keep my toesies warm :)

As you can tell by the shear volume of :) 's and !!!! 's my day is already off to a great start :)  I honestly can't help it though, it's so gratifying recognizing the beautiful little things in life and truly saying thank you for them!  (Tell anyone who might be responsible, even if only in part, for the things on your list.  It can make their day brighter, too!)  I think I'm going to start posting them on here to really show what I'm grateful for.  And maybe it can inspire you to start a list of your own.  :)  Enjoy!

P.S. I used to be called Smiley as a kid, and by the looks of this post you might feel the urge to renew the use of that nickname.  Please fight this urge, despite all the :) 's you see on this post!  I'm a grown up now, geez!!  :)

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