Wednesday, April 13, 2011

100 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

A fellow blogger I follow posted 100 Things About herself on her blog and I thought it would be super fun to do the same for me on mine.  :)  So here they are:

1. I have a geographic tongue.  Not one of those creepy geographic tongues you'll see if you google image search it, but a cool one that has a small patch on my tongue that 'travels' around from day to day or week to week.  It's actually really cool.
2. I get the hiccups at least three times a day.  This has happened since high school and usually happens around when I eat.  Luckily, though, they usually only come in bouts of 1-5, so they don't last long at all.
3. I am a huge fan of Brazilian food.  I could eat it every week and be happy with life.  (although I wouldn't be happy with my waistline haha)
4. I've always hated my handwriting and wished I had the patience to really work on it.
5. I took karate for a few years in elementary school.  Yay yellow belts!
6. I also took gymnastics.  I liked the bar.
7. I used to have a cat named Snickerdoodles.  Now I hate cats.
8. I have been self-diagnosed with OCD for 11 years now.  I enjoy lists too much and feel a sense of rebellion when I mess up my room just so I can organize it again. :)
9. I hate orange and yellow candies of any kind (except for M&Ms, they don't taste orange or yellow)
10. I eat chocolate every day.  And I love it.
11. My older sister Veronica and I get real snappy when we're hungry and I think it's cute that we have that in common.
12. I am testing the idea that if you write down 5 things you're grateful for every day for 21 days straight your brain thinks in a nicer way for 6 months.  I'm on day 10 and am loving it :)
13. My Dad called be 'The Big Ham' growing up because I was such a drama queen who just wanted to be in the movies.
14. I still want to be in the movies.
15. And be a country music star.  I went to Texas in the summer of '09 and sang with a country band, living my dream job.  Most amazing feeling ever.
16. I just realized it sounded like I wanted to be Miley Cyrus growing up.  Haha, I didn't.
17. I used (aka still) to eat brownie mix mixed with water.  When I in middle school I'd take a box of brownie mix from the food storage room, eat some, and hide the box in the downstairs kitchen so my mom wouldn't get mad at me. :)  She claimed when I came home from college for the first time that she was still finding open boxes of brownie mixes in the basement kitchen :)  haha love ya, Mom
18. I'm extremely sad at knowing my kids won't know my Mom while they're alive.
19. I bond with my sisters in very different ways.  Veronica and I have very similar personalities and interests and we bond through those.  Rachel and I have very different personalities and interests and we bond through those.
20. I wish I had a killer closet.  Like awesome.
21. I love organizing my pictures but haven't familiarized myself enough with iphoto yet, and thus haven't done it in the past year. :(  I'll get to it.
22. I've loved living in Boston and want to take more advantage of the city while I'm still here.
23. I loved high school.  And college.  I dominated those schools. :)
24. I can't decide if I want to be a brunette or a blonde bride.  I'm leaning brunette just because it's always been me.
25. Between 2009 and 2010 I went through 3 Blackberry Curves, a Blackberry Pearl and some old flip phone I owned for about 2 weeks.
26. I hate taking huge physical risks but really want to skydive some day.
27. I have no desire to go bungee jumping though.
28. I love layin on the hood of my car in the summer out by the lake and the Provo airport, watchin the planes fly by.  (Especially if I'm listening to 'Watchin' Airplanes' by Gary Allen :) )
29. I loved growing up as 'the daughter of a pilot' because it introduced me to different countries of the world and made it seem just a little bit smaller and friendlier to me.
30. I HATE the smell of wet animals.  DISGUSTING.
31. Growing up I wanted to be either the first female President of the United States, a doctor or a marine biologist and train dolphins and whales.
32. I watched Free Willy a lot as a kid.  It really inspired me. :)
33. I was obsessed with whales and dolphins, stickers, singing, chocolate, and the nickname 'Smiley' as a kid
34. I taught high school for 2 years after college from '08-'10.  Best job of my life so far :)
35. I'm the only person in my immediate family with blue eyes.  And I secretly love it. :)
36. I fell like I was partly responsible for the white girl extension craze that hit Provo, UT in 2007.  I'm such a trend setter. :)
37. I like eating. and cooking. and eating.
38. I miss having reallly long hair.
39. I have changed career focuses about 5 times in the past 2 years: research scientist --> high school biology/health teacher --> epidemiologist --> health lawyer --> health marketer.  Who knows where I'll end up! :)
40. I love tart things: grapefruit juice, pinkberry, lemon tart... mmm
41. I want to start a company this summer.  No, I will not be mowing lawns.
42. I love beautiful notebooks that I can use for all sorts of purposes.  Like #43
43. I'm obsessed with lists.
44. My thumb is not as green as I would like.  Specifically, it's black.  Especially with basil.  Beware basil.
45. I only like the rain when I'm laying in bed and can hear it on the roof.
46. I recently completed my first attempt at photoshop and must admit the picture looks way better than the original.  Thank you gradiated color scales.  (For the picture, look @ my twitter profile: @sjonnel)
47. I used to make fashion books growing up following trends in clothing, hair and makeup.  These books are still under my bed at home in Louisville. :)
48. I often build my outfits around a certain piece, usually shoes or a piece of jewelry.
49. I have written a lot of my graduate capstone papers from bed.  It's much warmer than the living room where I live and I can't think in the cold.
50. Every year I get island fever around Feb.-March.  In high school it got so bad that I tore up a calendar I had of pictures from Hawaii and posted them all over my room.  Every morning after driving to school I would sit out in the school parking lot and listen to Kenny Chesney's No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.  EVERY MORNING! :)
51. My phone endures about 2 severe drops/week thanks to my slipper butterfingers.
52. Butterfingers makes me think of Better-than-Sex cake.  mmm I like that.
53. But I don't like the caramel.
54. I enjoy a good khaki print.
55. I hate working from home full-time.
56. All I can think about right now is chocolate milk.
57. My current defense mechanism of choice is suppression.
58. I'm super excited to own my own baller house one day and decorate it.
59. I hate the cold.
60. I hate scary movies.
61. I crouch down and squeeze my eyes shut tight when I go to Haunted houses and there are scary things that come up to me.
62. This happens yearly whenever I go to the Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake City.
63. I had a business in middle school making/designing/selling backpack purses.  I was awesome.
64. I recently started taking video blogs.  (Look out for some on here possibly :) )
65. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.
66. I find population-based theories of social science fascinating.
67. I had a breast lump when I was 20.
68. I've always been too scared to try to do a black flip, whether on a trampoline or off the diving board or whatever.
69. I was a waitress at Sonic Drive-In in high school, along with working as a nanny and at Z Salon & Spa.
70. I love gardening.
71. I'm scared of never losing the weight after I get pregnant.
72. I love Tosh.0 and Archer.
73. I want to try more new things.  I believe this is called being a 'Yes, man'... er.. woman
74. I love IBC cream soda from the glass bottles.
75. I sometimes have a difficult time carrying on a conversation with people I don't really care to talk to.  So I'm not as chatty as I used to be.  Sue me.
76. I am a super fast typer.  Wanna race?  I'm down.  Test your skillz here.  I got 107.
77. When I was a little kid I went to the eye doctor and thought it would be cool to get glasses.  I thought the only way I could get glasses was to mess up on the eye exam and then get them, so I randomly chose letters on the big chart and said I couldn't tell what they were.  I went home with pink rimmed glasses.  Damn that choice because now I need them to read.  (Not the pink rimmed ones... I've updated to these, but in orchid color.)
78. I LOVE grapefruit juice.  In fact, I love it so much I'm going to do a creative writing piece on it.
79. I love picnics in the park.  Especially when I can lay out and tan afterwards. mmm summer...
80. I played field hockey in middle and high school and I loved it.
81. I want to have a library in my house with a ladder in it like Belle has in Beauty and the Beast.
82. I'm kind of entranced by the Real Housewives series on Bravo... Can't wait till Boston's starts filming and I get to know whomever they cast.  Yay!
83. I want to own three boats when I become rich: a sailboat, a speedboat and a yacht.  Yeahhh buddy.
84. I want to be a dj in another life.  One where I'm more creative.
85. I love laying in hammocks.  Had one growing up and I would just lay out in it and read during the summer.  Love it.
86. I grew up on a farm.  Yes I know how to use a tractor, back up a trailer full of hay, farm a garden, and saddle a horse.
87. I love riding horses.  Used to take lessons when I was little.
88. I don't care too much for the color orange.  Salmon, sure.  Burnt amber, sometimes.  Orange, no thanks.  Not really.
89. I don't care too much for Thai food.  And by too much I mean at all.  Makes me yack.
90. I want to have at least one little boy and one little girl.  I can have more of either, but I want at least one of each.
91. I wish I could be half as awesome as my Mom and my Grannie.  They were the most amazing people in the world.  Move over Mother Theresa, you're out!
92. I cannot grill enough in the summer to satiate my quench for grilling.  YUMMMMM!!!!  (If you haven't tried grilled corn on the cob topped with parmesan, lime and a dash of cayenne, don't come back until you have.  It's deLISHus! :)
93. I'm thoroughly surprised that you've gotten this far!  Kewl!!
94. I have morphed over time from a person with a lot of superficial friends to one who values having only a few close friends who really know me.  I love these people with all my heart!  B Sid, T., Jordan, Just, thanks for always being there for me.  You help me enjoy my life infinitely more!
95. I always lose rings.  Cross your fingers I drop this habit by the time I get engaged!
96. I was two hours away from being a foster parent last year.  I still want to do it, soon as I'm able and have a steady income again. :)
97. I used to eat rollie pollie bugs as a kid.  Ya, ya, you say 'ew' now..
98. But now I practically never get sick.  Now you say 'aw I'm jealous'. :)  #Winning
99. I want to become a pundit in my field, whatever that's going to be.  (recall #39)
100. I believe I can one day change the world. :)

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