Why I'm Here

So a long time ago my Mom met my Dad and...

Just kidding, that's not the 'here' I'm talking about.  :)

I was first introduced to the blogging community because my sister lived 3 hours away from me in Logan, UT, and it was the easiest way for me to stay up to date on my cute little nieces and nephews.  I began writing my own blog simply to stay in contact with her, but over the past few months I have gone through a ton of self-analyzation and have realized that I want to help change the world.  

My primary career focus lies in the health care industry, and as I am finishing the last semester of my Masters program at the Boston University School of Public Health I have decided to start an experiment applying the things I have been learning to the community of the world and seeing just how much of that $60k education I was taught was really true and would actually work.  

Having taught high school health for two years in Utah at the most amazing school in the world, and not being completely oblivious to the world around me, I have realized that there is an epidemic of health problems plaguing our society and more specifically my generation-- those Gen-Y youngin's with too much entitlement and not enough accomplishment under their belts.  From low self esteem, unhealthy body images, and unhealthy relationships with food to dealing with our emotions in unhealthy ways and difficulty having a positive mental attitude, I could go on and on with the problems we need to fix.  
And now.

So that is part of why I'm here.  But not only because I've noticed these problems in society, but because I've noticed them IN MYSELF.  When did I turn out to be someone who suffers from all of those problems, too?  I'm not sure.  But realizing that I am has only made me want to fix them and help others do the same.  
Because we deserve better.

So join me on my journey to IMPROVE LIFE EVERY DAY, and hopefully, with the things I learn in my profession, we can all make our lives better!  

My Health Law professors and I at my Capstone (thesis) presentation.  
Wendy Mariner, J.D., George Annas, J.D., me, Leonard Glantz, J.D. 

Presenting my capstone: The Deceptive Practice of Advertising Unhealthy Food and Beverages to Children.

Me carrying healthy groceries, trying to live a healthier life every day :)