Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Campaign #1: Better Girlfriends

Campaign #1: Better Girlfriends
First off, we are going to do something extraordinary here!
{Just thought you should know that!}
One of the most vital things we as young ladies can do in our lives is to develop strong, healthy friendships with other girls.  As I’ve mentioned before, our society has done a really great job of convincing us that we should always be in competition with our girlfriends and of reformatting our brains so that we easily look for the flaws in other women in order to make ourselves feel better.  
Think back through your day yesterday.  
Did you criticize the women around you, even if it was just in your mind?
That’s unhealthy.
And it’s actually more than just unhealthy, it’s toxic!  Not only to your relationships with others, but to your relationship with yourself!  {But more about that in January...}

Our first 30-Day Challenge is to create better relationships with the other girls you interact with!  They could be:
-the girl you don’t know in class
-the girl who lives down the hall
-the girl who’s your boss at work
-the girl you see at a party and 
immediately have jealous thoughts about!
And since it's our first one, let's even cut it down from 30 days to just the end of the month!
{So you can ease into how cool these challenges will be :) }

To start off, simply introduce yourself to someone you don’t know!  Breaking the ice is one of the biggest barriers to getting to know new girlfriends, so go on and break it!
Right here, right now!
Introduce yourself to the That’s Better Community in a comment below and let us get to know you!
Tell us:
1. Your Name + where you're from
2. Something you’re in love with right now
3. Something unique about yourself
4. Something you love doing with your girlfriends

Super simple!  
Oh, too simple for ya?
Then go out and introduce yourself to someone IN PERSON. :)
Then come back and tell us how that went!

Life is more enjoyable with better girlfriends.  So start living more enjoyably!
Before You Go!

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  1. I'll go first, since I LOVE meeting new people!

    1. My name's Stephanie and I'm from Kentucky, yay!
    2. Right now I'm in love with the sunshine and Boston
    3. Something unique about me is that I get the hiccups EVERY day. It's happened for the past 8 years... (problem?!)
    4. Something I love doing with my girlfriends is going out to dinner!

    I'm excited to meet you ladies! :)

  2. This is such a great idea!!

    1. My name is Drew and I'm from NC
    2. I'm in love with the cooler weather and the ability to exercise more outside right now!
    3. Something unique about myself is that I can turn my tongue into a flower
    4. I love going to dinner and movies and/or bookstores with my girlfriends

    Nice to meet you Stephanie! ;)

  3. I love this, Stephanie!

    1) I'm Sarah - living Boston, born in London, and made a stop in Texas in between.

    2) I am SO in love with fall -- my favorite season! (Namely, the return of pumpkin spice lattes!)

    3) Something unique -- I have very flexible feet!

    4) I love going for walks around the city with my girlfriends.

  4. I LOVE this idea. you are so inspiring Stephanie!

    1. Jillian from Chicago, IL
    2. I am in love with traveling and I am counting down the days (8!!!) til my first international trip with my man!
    3. I can pick things up with my feet... g-ross. but very useful!
    4. I LOVE to go out for brunch. i am a sucker for tasty pancakes and great conversation.


    ps not to be a super stalker but i LOVED the sweater you wore on the chocolate tour.. care to tell where you got it from :)

  5. 1. Kristen from Oklahoma (Bostonian since 2005)
    2. My new baby kitten, Winston! (And my grown-up cats, Truman and Clinton)
    3. I love college football. Can't stand pro.
    4. Watching college football, eating and drinking wine.

  6. Hi, I love this!

    1. Julie from Beverly, MA
    2. My new swim cap! (is that weird?)
    3. My fingers are double jointed
    4. Going to our weekly pub trivia match and catching up

    On a separate note, we're hosting a Boston Fashion Week clothing swap on the 29th and I would love to see you there! There are so many Boston bloggers I haven't met yet! For tickets, go here: http://bfwswap.eventbrite.com/ and you can enter ORCHIDGREY for 25% off! Hope to see you there!

    - Julie

  7. Ladies it is soo great to meet you all!! Thanks so much for coming to That's Better, it means the world to me! See, already such support for one another.. ya'll are such a great bunch I know you're affecting positive change in your social circles already!! :)