Thursday, September 29, 2011

New City: New Girlfriends.

When I first moved to Boston one of the hardest things to leave behind was all of my old friends.  It's rough starting from scratch in a city you don't know, but there are ways to do it!  And hey, even if you're not in a city that's unfamiliar to you, but you'd like to meet other girls who are, check out this list and go make some new friends!  :)

15 Ways to Expand Your Single Girl Network- Meeting New Girlfriends in a City as a Young Single Professional
  1. Say yes to every invitation!  Go to everything you discover, even multiple events in 1 night
  2. Do things solo!  This forces you to interact with someone new.
  3. Make the first move!  Get over your fear of getting out of your bubble and say hi to someone!  Most likely they’ll say hi back and boom!  Convo started!
  4. Try new things and get out of doing just the familiar.  Get in new surroundings to meet new people.
  5. Mingle mingle mingle!!  Set a goal to converse w/ a least 3 new people at every outing and to exchange info w/ at least 1
  6. Put. the cell phone.  DOWN!  It is a security blanket, and makes you seem unapproachable.  Put the phone away, sit up straight, and take in your surroundings like you don’t have a care in the world and you will appear more attractive, more confident, and more interesting.  And much more easy to approach!
  7. Join a volunteer organization
  8. Join a sports league
  9. Join a group
  10. Take a class (cake decorating: double bonus here...) or go sit next to someone new in class.
  11. Go meet your neighbors!
  12. Arrange a post work happy hour
  13. Utilize the 6 degrees of separation.  Have a friend who knows a friend in your city?  go grab a drink!
  14. Go to church
  15. Invite someone out to lunch! 


  1. LOVE this, such great tips!! Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

  2. well said lady!! i love all of these tips. i should do more of them. but some i have covered!

    i have a blind friend date with a college bestie's high school friend this weekend! wish me luck!


  3. Thank you ladies!! You're so sweet!! And Whit, good luck for sure!! I want to hear how that goes, though I'm sure it will be amazing since it's you! ;)

  4. omgoodness your blog is so useful! i loved this post, because moving to a new city for work has left me totally stranded in the girlfriend dept!

    lovely advice <3