Monday, September 12, 2011

Campaign for Your Health!

Now Introducing... 
Campaign For Your Health

‘That’s Better’ has just received a new facelift, and with that it’s getting a new spirit lift, as well!  I’ve been chatting up an upcoming new format on here for about three weeks now, and the time has come to put it up... So here it is!

As a health marketing {soon to be} professional it is my job to promote healthy behaviors in ways that make you want to:
eat an apple instead of apple pie,
go to the gym instead of lounge on the couch, and
talk about your emotions instead of just boxing them all up.
So what better way to do that than to launch a
campaign for your Health!?
‘What is that?’ you ask?  Well here!  Let me tell you!

Starting tomorrow, ‘That’s Better’ will issue a 30-day challenge to you to improve your health on the topic chosen for that month!
During that challenge, you’ll be asked to 
-change the way you see things related to that health topic
-label yourself in positive ways relating to that topic
-make your life better by choosing a way to improve something and make it the norm
and more!
Throughout these challenges you’ll not only see your own life improve, but you’ll be able to tell your story to others, read their stories, too, and support someone else as they face the same challenges in life that you have.
[Because let's be honest, I know there are girls out there reading this who aren't following this blog publicly but are constantly reading it to find inspiration, motivation and ways to improve their own lives.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!]

Because we’re all similar here in one way or another, even if just by the fact that we’re Gen Y girls who want to live amazing, happy, healthy lives.
So what’s the hold up?!  Click ‘Join This Site’ over on the right, and start going after the best life you can imagine, right now!  
I guarantee it will change your life.

And That's Better.


  1. Stephanie, this is great!!! It was wonderful meeting you this weekend and getting to hear all about your plans for your blog -- it's just fantastic!!



  2. So excited for this!
    I'll be checking back tomorrow :-)