Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ways to Build Relationships: Time.

I’ve always had a problem with working too much and not spending enough time hanging out doing who knows what with my friends.  
I guess you could say I’ve acted like a Middle-Aged Workaholic since I was 16.
It wasn’t until after undergrad that I really started to notice the chasm in my life from having loads of somewhat distant friends and a void of really good ones.  
Lucky for me, though, God put a few amazing girlfriends in my life that really helped show me what I could improve on.  I’m still not sure why, but those dear sweet girls always invited me to do things, always asked me how I was doing, and always genuinely wanted and tried to understand how I was feeling.  
And those are marks of a great friend!
So this week, while we’re not thinking negative or competitive thoughts about other girls, let’s go a step further and make our girlfriends our priorities and spend more time with them in person than we do on facebook. :)  
So you might be thinking, “Psh, Steph, this is common sense!  If you spend time with people you can obviously develop a better relationship with them!”
Well “Psh” nothin!  That’s Better is here to highlight healthy ways to improve your life and make you happier, and for me, recognizing the need to spend more time with the people I love is a HUGE improvement.  So far, though, I’ve been focusing on my family {which is great}, but it sure helps in life to have some solid {girl}friends goin’ through it, too.  Besides, I’m not that unique in life, so I know that if I’ve had a problem saying ‘No’ to work and turning down that pad in the paycheck to hang out with my friends someone else is having it, too.  
In fact, I have that exact problem tonight!  It’s a girlfriend’s birthday and, of course, I’m scheduled at work.  But hey, I don’t just talk medicine here, I take it, too!  
Text everyone to see who can cover me: CHECK.
I’ll hold my feet to the fire here though and let you know how it all turns out. :)  I’m hoping I can make it to the bumper cars and batting cages though so I can work on building those relationships.  
After all, at the end of the day the month the year your life it’s nice to look back and see people who really know and love you and not just an inanimate paycheck that you can’t share memories with. 
This girlfriend is a lil' bit crazy ;)  LOVE YOU BRIT!!

So obvi the thing to do here is put down work {whatever other category of life you’re imbalanced with} and prioritize time for the people in your life who can help build you up and whom you can be there for as well.  Balance is beauty.
To see today’s
go here!  

Then tell me about your plans to spend more time with your girlfriends this week!  As always, I’ll even go first to help ease you into it ;)
Have a FABULOUS day, ladies!  Much love from me!
PS  Remember Kate?  She’s going to be there tonight! :)  Seriously, don’t think I’m crazy for turning a frenemy into a friend here, it’s totally underrated!!


  1. So I told you I'd go first, so here I am! I'm super excited for this post because in taking my own advice I planned a dinner party {one of my favorite things to do} for this Sunday with some new girlfriends of mine! I'm so excited for it and you'd better BELIEVE there are going to be pictures! :)

  2. Aw Steph! Funny, the more I know about you, the more I know myself lol. I've deffinitally been trying to build my relaitonships as well, but school and work are deffinitally a priority.. so it's taken ALOT of scheduling. But it's deffinitally paying off. NOW I just need to find time to come build OUR relationship lol. Miss you! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! PS you'll have to teach me how to make my blogg look as good and personalized as yours :)

  3. I'm going over to a sweet friend of mine's tonight for dinner and a movie-in with her adorable 4 month old daughter! I love her company so much and appreciate the woman she is and what she stands for. These are the best moments in life: Enjoying simple fun with a dear friend! ;)