Thursday, September 22, 2011

Such a Thing as Healthy Competition?

Since I’ve decided to really run with That’s Better and see if I can make it my full-time future, I’ve been discussing my ideas with a lot more people than I ever have in the past.  As a subsequent result, nearly every project I’m working on in school this semester focuses around the intervention that That’s Better stands to be and how to do that in the best way.  As I was explaining my vision for That’s Better to a classmate today, I explained the current campaign we’re working on and how the women of our generation (but really women in general) have hyperstimulated drives to compete within our own kind.  
It’s like we’re a bunch of dueling peacocks here who just try to show up anyone else who could possibly stand in our way of getting what we want, despite the fact that these other ‘anyones’ could just be the key to actually reaching our goals due to the support and insight they can provide.  
But I digress.  :)
My colleague, however, brought up an interesting point that I thought was worth mentioning: Isn’t some degree of competition good though?  And if so, how do you identify when the competition is unhealthy?
There is a healthy degree of competition we can all be motivated by which can push us to work harder at school, get dressed in the morning, and fight for the things we want just a little bit harder.

And just as with everything else, everyone is unique in the levels of things they can tolerate.  While you may just love competing with everyone you see so you can always come out on top, your friends might not like it so often.  And even if you think you can hide it from them because it’s all in your head, they can still tell.  
Need I mention Jill and Bethenny?  :)
The whole reason those two “broke up” was because Jill couldn’t get the competition frame out of her mind.  She constantly felt like she was competing with Bethenny and that Bethenny was always winning.  But in reality, there was no competition at all and it ruined a totally great friendship.

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