Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get Up and Work Out!!

If you don't work out, 
you should!

It's so good great for you {in so many ways, too} and really, the only thing keeping you from doing it is yourself.  Yes, blah, blah, blah, we all can give excuses for why we 'couldn't get up earlier this morning' or 'didn't want to carry our gym clothes to work today', but seriously, if you give it a chance and change the way you look at your workout then you'll start to fall in love with it and it can change the way you look at your life!

Instead of seeing the gym {or the outdoors} as an awful place that requires tons of time, energy and the right mood, think about the wonderful things the gym can do for you mind and your body!  

Including, but not limited to:
-brightening your mood
-raising your energy level {times about 100!}
-increasing your metabolism {aka how fast you burn calories throughout the day}
-provide you a time to mentally release and allow 
your mind to just THINK
-give you time to emotionally work out things, like stress or frustration 

So remember these sweet buys?

Ya, so they've definitely been gettin' me into the gym more, but because of the free gym membership I've had this year thanks to the $20k/semester tuition... {can you say 'deal' 'steal'?! haha} I've been way better at being consistent with my 5+ mile runs. 
And these definitely get you in shape!

Over the past year I've not only lost more than 20 big fat L-Bs thanks to these runs, but I've also dropped from a 10/12 back down to a 6/8.  Um, LOVE THE GYM!! :)  My BMI has gone from a 26 to a 22, and I have grown to love the skin I'm in.  I've never felt this confident in my body my entire life, and I've always been athletic!  
Random pictures over the years... I'm definitely a pear shape!! :)
That's not to say that I don't have bad days or times when I just don't feel like startin the GTL of the day, but over the months I've come to realize some great points for anyone who wants to start increasing their distance on the treadmill {or the sidewalk} :)  We're equal opportunity exercisers around here :)  

So lace up your own colored kicks and lets hit it!

7 Easy 'Steps' to Running Up the Mileage on Your Treadmill

1. Strength train before you hit the ground running.  Not only does this increase the rate you burn calories at, but it jumpstarts your energy levels and helps warm up your muscles.

2. Slowly increase your speed throughout your run.  Once you find your sweet spot {the pace your body can run at for miles and not give you cramps}, cruise at it.  Starting out you may find yourself around an 12-13 min mile, depending on your recent cardio training, but gradually increase your speed until you hit that sweet spot.

3. Do something to distract yourself.  AKA don't watch the clock!  I like to watch the Food Network {seriously!!}.  It's one of my guilty pleasures, and I don't feel so bad watching TV if I'm working out while I do it!  I also pop in my headphones and just jam out to some sweet tunes.  It's fun to get songs that match your cadence, too, and oftentimes that can also push me to run faster.

4. Kick up the pace for your last mile.  I do this in increments, again, at 1 mi, .5 mi and .25 mi till I've hit my goal distance for the day.  Nothin' like a good sprint to the {imaginary} finish line!

5. DO NOT FORGET COOL DOWN!  This helps bring your heart rate back to normal while also giving your insides time to settle.  If I skip this one, someone's usually gonna yak (especially if I've done #4 right!) 

6. S-T-R-E-T-C-H.  Revel in the chill you feel on your quadriceps and hamstrings.  That means they've been working.  A lot.  Nicee.

7.  Stick with it!!!  I aim for 3-4 solid cardio sessions/week.  Planning these ahead of time on your calendar makes them happen a lot more assuredly and at the end of the week {er, day... :)  } you'll know you've earned your chocolate cake.

{Go here to learn of my obsession for chocolate cake.}

But seriously, we all know how important it is to work out, and you really won't know the benefits of reaching your fitness goals until you've attained them.  So I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  

If you don't work out, 
you should!

This is my blubbery self back in '09 with my Grannie in Texas.  Me oh my how that face is padded with cheeks!! :)   Love ya Gran!!


  1. Gosh you're so motivational!! Love your tips for the treadmill, definitely need to get back to mine!

  2. What a great post Steph!! You are so cute and it made me want to start jogging again! You are fabulous girl

  3. Great tips! I've been trying to work on increasing the length of my runs! Love the blog!