Thursday, August 4, 2011

'arry Potta

So this is definitely just a fun post, but I had to share it because it was so awesome!   

I'm definitely a Harry Potter movie fan, but to say that I'm in love with them goes a little too far.  On the other hand, my friend Chelsea LOOVES Harry Potter, and for the past 3 years has been hosting a Harry Potter party at her house for each of the past movies.  

And can I just say, Chelsea knows how to throw a party!!  That girl had the most delectable treats, all in Harry Potter theme of course, bubbling magic potions and even dark side tattoos we all put on so you'd know we were serious when we went to the midnight showing afterwards! :)

Some of Chels' delicious treats! 
On the way to the movie it came out that I've never read any of the books, nor seen any of the other films at a midnight showing.  To which the ever-hilarious Colleen responded, "So why are you here?!!"

Well Colleen, I was there for the tattoo!!  :)  How sweet is this bad boy?!

Here we are at the movie after it got out, proudly bearing our Death Eater tats. :)  In my opinion tey were wayy better than any of the costumes people wore.

But I may be biased... :)

It was a great experience for my first midnight showing of a movie!  Too bad no more Harry Potter movies so I could go to another one! :)

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