Saturday, July 9, 2011

'Key'p Yo Mind Balanced

So my friend Shaun had a birthday a little while ago, and in a semi-selfish move I thought I'd do both him and I a favor by making him a Key Lime Pie to celebrate.  Not only do I get to benefit from baking by getting time to myself and the chance to try out a new recipe, but he gets to enjoy it as well by scarfing it down after work.  :)  Yay mental health and yummies in my tummy!

Shaun and I @ the lovely Papas 

Shaun may or may not look like the guy from this photo here: 

So the pie was a suppper easy one to make, here's everything you need!  I used Emeril Lagasse's recipe found here.  Seriously it's probably a two step pie, mix and chill... you can't ask for anything easier!

I may or may not have been rocking out to some sweet Usher while the pie was chillin in the fridge... 

Finished pie!  Yummyyy!!

Till next time, biotch.  Deuces.

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