Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boston Goes Boom!

So you know me, and you know one of my favorite mental releases is baking.  Luckily, the 4th just happened, so of course I got to try a new treat!  I ended up having to do be a bit mobile on the execution as our bbq kept transferring spots and things got a little hectic.  Either way, it still tasted delicioso and was healthy at the same time!  It was a simple angle food cake in a cake pan with a cool whip topping and fresh raspberries/blueberries.  Oh my gosh I want a piece right now...

Oh, and I love America!!!  THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO ALL OF THE INCREDIBLY BRAVE MEN & WOMEN WHO SERVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY, AND TO THE AMAZING FAMILIES THAT SUPPORT THEM DAY IN AND DAY OUT!!!  Coming from a family where military service is standard for a majority of the men, I have been always had a great appreciation for the sacrifices it calls people to make and, consequently, they will always hold a special place in my heart.  :)  THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SAFE AND FOR KEEPING ME FREE!!

Here are some videos from the festivities in Boston down along the Charles River.  They had an awesome fireworks show (though not quite as stellar as Thunder Over Louisville is ;) ) and I loved that they had Martina McBride there belting out her song 'Independence Day' while accompanied by the Boston Pops.  Boston was a fantastic city to be in on the 4th of July and it was so cool to see Memorial Drive, the road that parallels the Charles River, packed with people from all walks and backgrounds of life all out celebrating something we all have in common: our freedom in this great country.

Boston thinks they're smart, even when it comes to packing fireworks to make them look like atoms :)  OK, I'll agree, that's stupid cool :)

I want the ones that are going off @ :17 and :26 for my wedding reception :)


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