Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Community Health Events: Much Better!!

I love love loove events that encourage the community to be more active, and in my current practicum position @ Healthworks I've been able to promote numerous activities which focus on just that- getting people to get up and move it!  Most of these events are free classes which we normally have in the club but move outside for anyone to join in on!  (Think Zumba, kickboxing, etc...)

Our latest venture was an Urban Rebounding class at Copley Square, a beautiful community grass area across from one of my favorite buildings in Boston, the Boston Public Library.  Here are some pictures from the event, the weather was much more uncooperative than we wanted!!  Definitely wet from not just sweat but the rain!  Oh well, it felt kinda nice since it was a little warm!

I love these kinds of events so much because they model engaging, positive health behaviors to the community.  This is Public Health in ACTION!  This is AWESOME!!

This little boy was sooo cute!!!

Maria is awesome!!  Lovee her energy level, totally contagious!

Healthworks Marketing Department +1 Secret Weapon

This was one of the pictures we used for the promo materials.  Recognize those Thunder Thighs??! ;) 

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