Tuesday, March 29, 2011

User-Friendly Technological Innovations: That's Better

So I'm trying to get more in the up on technological innovations, and we're startin' real small here with RSS feeds and TinyURLs.  Super simple stuff that I just haven't cared enough about to start using.  SO!  In case you're sometimes considered a part of the 'Late Majority' or fall under the 'Traditionalist' label like me (see Diffusion of Innovations Theory for more) here's the brief!

Real difficult..haha Not really, it's the opposite.  Real Simple Syndication.  Basically, it's a listing of what's new to sites since the last time you visited them.  It's the concept behind GoogleReader, one of my favorite google products.  It allows you to basically build your own magazine, based on the websites you enter.  It automatically takes the RSS feeds from all of the sites you enter and allows you to view them at your convenience without having to go to each individual page!  It's perfect for anyone who frequents sites with RSS feeds.

The down side, however, is that some sites don't have such feeds, so you have to go directly to their site in order to see what's new.  Hope you really like 'em, cause if not, it's easy to keep track of all your favorite sites and remember to visit them all.  Want to learn more?  Go here.

I've recently joined the twitter craze and it was only a matter of time before this one came about!  As everyone knows, if you're on twitter your tweets are limited to 140 characters or less.  Thus, posting a url link to a page can be burdensome if the url is especially long, as they often are.  Que www.tinyurl.com.  It's like a foreign translating site for your url link.  You put in what you want to say in less characters (aka original url) and it spits out how to say it in shortlink (aka tinyurl)!  Super easy!

It allows me to turn this url: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/495410
Into this tinyurl!: http://tinyurl.com/48upp9n

And they both lead to the same place!  Fabulous.  Want to learn more?  Go here

Alright, time to get back to my paper on breach of confidentiality.  It's crazy, last semester I was super into law and my legal future as it related to health, and now I'm obsessed with marketing and advertising!  Dr. Michael Siegel in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department has really done a number on my career path with his amazingly engaging and, for me, now somewhat consuming course!  Bravo!!  :)

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