Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Treats: That's Better.

Let's talk for a second about how much I love food. More specifically, treats. I have always been in love with them, probably because my wonderful Mother and Grannie always filled by belly with delicious, comforting Southun foods and treats (we're from the best state in the country, the one and only Tejas-- Texas for anyone not native), but sadly, after moving to Boston, I haven't had too much of a drive to cook for one. I have, however, been able to find some great treats online I will surely be trying over spring break next week. I bring you two:

1st- Baked Chocolate Doughnuts with Ganache Can we say heaven?? I've always had a supppper big weakness for chocolate cake doughnuts, and have never thought about the amazing idea of making them at home! How perfect!!

2nd- Lavender Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream I've been obsessed with lavender ice treats since 2008 when I went to a restaurant in Provo called Rooster and tried their lavender milk boba pearl drink. Ooh I can't even think about it too much right now because I want it, it's soo good!! Anyways, I think this recipe is the perfect flavor combination for a treat and I can't wait until I have my ice cream maker again and can try it!!

Let me be one to quote Drake, here, when I say 'You can thank me now, or you can thank me later' because of how delish these all look. :) So, next time you have some time and want to satisfy that sweet spot on your tongue don't just grab a nasty, processed candy bar, try these! Great Treats, that's better!

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