Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Racquetball!: That's Better.

So I'm on spring break this week, and just for the record, it is probably the worst spring break I've ever had. Not only did I not get to fulfill the ultimate goal of spring break in taking those upon whom it is bestowed to a warmer, ideally island setting where one can partake of the heavenly joys of such things as pina coladas, daily golf and lounging in the embracingly baking sun next to a perfectly cooled pool, but I have had to work tirelessly on the antithesis of Spring Break.
The arch enemy.
The mother of all rivals!
On top of that, it looked like this outside today. Apparently the sky was laughing at me so hard it started to cry...
Really, Boston? The week I'm on break and the five feet of snow you shat out has finally melted you proceed to make it rain like Lil Wayne? Sick. And not the good kind.
So, as a little treat to myself and in celebration of the fact that I didn't have class today, I decided to opt for a past joy of mine I haven't indulged in since my days in college. A beautiful little gift we call racquetball. :)

I played this amazingly fun and highly active sport in college and for some reason failed to continue with it after graduation. Fail. But since I recently discovered that the Boston University FitRec where I work out has about 3 courts available at any given time I decided I'd pick up the ball I'd dropped and see how many crotch shots I could kill. So fun, and such a great workout! Highly recommend it.

Ok, got to get back to that soo cool paper on nutritional standards for child-specific advertising. Believe it or not I've actually been through about 6 other topics before finally settling on this one... And for the record I settled on it because it lends itself perfectly to being remedied in a legal manner. Plus, it's a combo of Public Health and Advertising, which is (I think) what I'm now aiming at for my post-graduate work. Winning.

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