Monday, March 8, 2010

SOPHAS: That's Better.

I've been applying for graduate programs since about November and I have come to greatly appreciate the portal that is called SOPHAS. In case you'll ever be interested in going to graduate school to get your Masters in Public Health (MPH) might I recommend to you some of the 43+ brilliant schools who are on top of the ball when it comes to efficiency! 'How might you find these ingenious schools', you might ask? Well, simply go to SOPHAS.ORG and you can begin applying to as many of these schools, including Yale, Texas at Austin, or Harvard, to name a few, as your little heart desires.

Why are they so great? Duh. They make my life easier. They use SOPHAS. You know, well, you will know when you apply to grad school, but every school basically asks for the same thing, so SOPHAS was designed to be a sort of 'main hub' online for all of the basic application pieces that you will include in every one of your applications. You can of course personalize your application essays, which I'd highly recommend, but from there on out you just click 'submit' and all of your worries go away. They send out your applications, letters of recommendation, essays, even your application fees. I LOVE SOPHAS!!

So I've started getting antsy now about my status' and especially with only 10 weeks of instruction left at work really can't wait to hear back about where life's headed in 2010. Ahh! America!! Pray I get my number 1 choice! :) If I do, I'll tell you where it is ;) duh...

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