Friday, March 12, 2010

Pushing Your Comfort Zone: That's Better.

So let me teach you a little something about me: I like barking orders. It honestly can make some things EXTREMELY efficient, and perhaps that's part of why I love my job so much right now...I get to bark orders.


When it comes to creative things, like dance or cheerleading, I do MUCH better when being barked at. I, in no way, have a creative mind, so as a second-year head coach of a high school cheerleading squad, I have done an amazingly great job at dodging the choreographing of ANY of our performance dances or routines. Head cheerleaders and the best assistant coach ever have allowed me to dance around this crucial aspect of cheerleading and I have gotten by until now.

I decided that, since this is probably my last time coaching cheerleading for a looong time, I would try and push myself an really give choreographing a shot. SO, I found some great music, locked all the doors in my house, and started dancin'!

We literally JUST finished our first practice with my newly-introduced choreography and I AM STOKED!!! It's just the right difficulty level, it pushes them (AND ME!!) and I'm even moving them into formations...WITH STUNTS!! As soon as I can find my camera charger and put the dang thing on it I'll upload a video for ya'll. 'Till then, America, PUSH YOURSELF out of your comfort zone! I always tell my kids that they can do hard things and they'll feel so good when they accomplish something difficult that they think they couldn't. Well, lesson to the teacher here...I've never felt so accomplished!

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