Sunday, March 7, 2010

Practice: That's Better.

I love playing golf. In middle school I began playing field hockey because it was all the rage, and in high school I started to dabble with golf because the boyfriend was obsessed, and now I simply love golf because it's fun!

I went on vacation last week to sunny Florida where I was able to hit a huge bucket of 175 (yes, they counted) at the range and decided I could go for some putting practice when I got home. As I laid in my bed reading this morning, I remembered back to last summer when my friend Kaitlin and I were out shopping. She ended up finding this green putting turf setup her then-fiance could practice putting with anywhere he wanted, and I suddenly had a stroke (haha) of genius! I could putt inside through the living room and down the hallway! I quickly learned what many young college males do when they're inside and bored... texture plush carpet gives about the same resistance to a golf ball as turf does!

I am definitely looking forward to that day when the sun shines bright enough that I don't have to stay inside and putt on the rugs anymore, but until then, I am definitely getting my practice in and my money's worth on this lease! So, America, next time you're bored on a Sunday morning, take a cue from the college guys and break out the putters. Good times follow.

PS For all you ladies who aren't familiar with anyone related to golf except for le Tigre, let me please share with you MY personal favorite of the sport (and another bonus reason to watch The Masters :) ) Phil...Mickelson... oh baby!

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