Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Original Alice: That's Better.

You know those times when people let you down so badly that you have to redo whatever it is they've turned into a snafu? Well this is EXACTLY one of those. Burton, I wish you would have just given it up and let me redo it myself, I would've at least stayed true to the story that 99% of your audience would identify with and recognize. Now, I guess I'll just have to go in and fix it myself, like all the other things I leave to other people thinking they'll do it right.

The original 1951 full-length video adaptation of Charles Dodgson's novel had so much great material to work with, it's a wonder why Tim Burton and Johnny Depp would allow themselves to be mainstreamed so much as to turn any little original detail they could into the already-made storyline behind the Chronicles of Narnia's Prince Caspian. Their artistic styles and tendencies usually bring out their quirks and avant states, yet this piece showed absolutely NO reflection of their unique talents which are generally on point with my preference and taste.


America, don't go waste your money, and that's two hours of my life I will sadly be missing forever.

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