Saturday, May 14, 2011

"You're a lot hotter than Martha"

A disclaimer to my title:  I did not think so highly of myself, although I think I could give Martha a run for her money... Girl's got skills, just not sure hair/ makeup are one of them... :)  So my department at school had our capstone presentation day yesterday, and I decided to bake cookies for all of our presenters and teachers.  When people found out I was the one who made the delectable treats at the event, one girl said, "You're a lot hotter than Martha!"  Hahaha So eat that, Martha Stewart!!  :)  

I decided to get my baking on since I am done with classes and turned in my final paper on Wednesday, so I went out and got meringue powder, a new icing kit, and a black icing pen and started baking!!  I decided to try flooding, a technique I've heard tons about but haven't ever attempted, so it was a learning experience in that regard, but super fun in the process.  It felt nice to just get things off my mind and get to be a little creative chemist in the kitchen :)

I used the vanilla almond sugar cookie recipe that Bridget @ Bake at 350 always uses, and her recipe for royal icing, as well. 

Oh, and did I mention my new icing kit?!  All my baking tools are in boxes in KY, so I had to get a new #2 tip, and apparently there's no place to just get those, haha, so I got a whole new kit!  Yay!

 It has these really convenient, interchangeable bottles and tips.  Loving it so far! :)

Here are my canvases, all outlined in perfection :) hahaha (not really, obviously)

There's been a flood!! ;)

Final products!  These were for those presenting their capstone presentations 
yesterday for the Health Law Department @ Boston University's School of Public Health
where I go to school.  Congrats, everyone!!  We did it!! :)

And what kind of a student wouldn't say THANK YOU!!! to all of their amazing professors and advisors who have helped them along the way?!

And just because I had a few extras left over :)

And here I am, proud lil mama, getting ready to head in for presentations :)  

So, from my kitchen to yers (as Ms Paula Deen says!),
"Eat THAT, Martha!" ;)

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! And I love how clean and organized your cookie making process was. So Steph :)