Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cracking Ice: That's Better.

So, as you might know, Boston, as well as the rest of New England, has had one of the worst winters ever this year, if not the one that takes the cake entirely. It's been an endless struggle of snow and slush and it has continued to mount as temperatures rarely creep past 32 degrees. Cities have long run out of money budgeted for snow removal, and it is now getting to the point that people are just fed up with it. Today as I was walking to the T stop to head into the city, the sidewalk from my car to the stairway was plastered in a 4" thick coating of rocky ice making it a rugged terrain for even my young, agile self in boots, let alone the short little elderly man walking my way... and this is in Newton!! Where they're supposed to have money! What is going on, MA, let's take care of this already!

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