Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bawstahn Flava

So I took Emily to swimming yesterday, as usual, and while I was sitting by the pool waiting for her class to finish I witnessed the following conversation between one of the instructors and this darling little girl in the 5-year old swimmers class.  I'll go ahead and say you're welcome ;)

Swim Instructor 1: OK kids, today we're gonna swim FAST!!  Mike's gonna show you how fast he can, or can't, swim, then you guys are gonna work on swimming fast, too!

Swim Instructor 2 (aka Mike): I can swim fast...
Swim Instructor 1: Haha prove it.  Alright kids, here he goes!  3...2...1...go!

**Mike swims down and back, semi-fast**

Swim Instructor 2 (aka Mike):  (breathing heavily) How fast was I, guys?!
Little Girl: Wicked fast!!!

Oh my gosh, I loved it and couldn't stop laughing for like 5 min.  It was wicked cute ;)

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