Thursday, June 30, 2011

80 Views or Bust!!

OK yo, if this isn't determination to meet a goal (facing the possibility of complete embarrassment online), then I don't know what is!  :)  All in the name of enjoying life and reaching my goals!  (I'll take either 80 views or a recording contract after this one haha!)  Alright people, we've got a mark to hit, so gi

Remember, positive thinking, people!!  Do like yo mama told you: If you can't say somethin nice don't say nothin' at all!! :) 'preciate it!!

If you want to see if I can reach my goal leave a comment so everyone can see how many people have seen !  #80 gets a sweet sweet prize!! :)


  1. OK we're @ 32!! Only 48 more to go and I've still got the whole day! yay for reaching goals!! :)

  2. so it will let me comment in internet explorer, but not in firefox, what's up?