Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meaningless Laughter: That's Better.

So I teach at a high school and one of my best friends works there too. Funny story, he loves to pull pranks and has some pretty quick-to-catch-on aides who don't mind following in his footsteps..

True story, our school gives all of the faculty the ultimate photo packages when they get their yearbook pictures taken, which includes a glorious 8x10 of each of our shining faces. My lovely self-portrait is gracing the front of my refrigerator, but other teachers, who I will not call out as I usually do, keep there's in a dangerous spot, somewhere 'Student Accessible'.

The prank? So these brilliant aides decided to take advantage of their good find and, in combination with their copying privileges, plastered the school with one face and Faconnable. Cars, bathroom stalls, halls, everything. Brilliant.

I love the meaningless laughter that resulted. :) I don't get very much, so thank you, America, it truly lifts my spirits!!

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