Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall: That's Better.

OK, so I am currently in a persistent state of bliss as we enter the best season of the year...Fall!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm sad to say farewell to the beautifully blistering summer heat and my ever-favorite state of driving fast, windows down, foot propped up on the driver's seat, music ever-encompassing and warm rays pouring in from the open sunroof, but there is just something so magical and special about the crisp mornings of fall. I love the color scheme of the season, the turn of activities towards nature, and the smell of the kitchen with great baked-goods! So, here's a short list (for me!) of my Must-Dos for Fall... enjoy!!

1. Pick fresh apples and make delicious apple favorites: cider, pie, caramel apples! Yum!
2. Go to a craft fair
3. Pull out my favorite sweaters and jackets (don't forget the scarves!)
4. Make homemade hot cocoa and curl up on the couch with a good book and blanket
5. Make homemade bread.... yummm!
6. Pick pumpkins and make delicious pumpkin treats: pumpkin bread, baked pumpkin seeds, pumpkin-apple butter
7. Have a campfire in the mountains, complete with smores and star-gazing (we'll see how well I can pull this off in Boston!)
8. Have a picnic in the cold with homemade warm soup and bread
9. Go on a hayride (I LOVE these!!!)
10. Litter my room with cinnamon/nutmeg, pine, and pumpkin candles
11. Get a new pair of decorative stockings from Nordstroms (this is my own little tradition for myself... love it!)
12. Start holiday shopping (I hate the crowds!)
13. Go horseback riding
14. Make a homemade fall wreath (Another one of my personal little traditions)

This is the wreath I made last year. Now go make one of your own! :)

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