Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boston University: That's Better.

I did it! I got into my #1 school!!! Boston University has made their decision, and YES, they want me to be among those in the MPH (Public Health) c/o 2012! I will be moving out of UT at the end of May, with a brief stay-over in AL for my best friend's wedding and then Louisville to visit my sister and her beautiful family, then on to Boston! I really am so blessed to have been accepted to one of the Top 20 MPH programs in the nation (BU is #13). I was turned down from a school that was 3 rankings behind BU and was beginning to get very nervous. And then, on top of that, I found out in the funniest way which definitely did not expect! Here's what happened...

I pulled into my apartment complex around 9pm or so from work. Tired and hungry, I decided to check the mail, just in case there were any bills in there that needed handling. I opened the door to the mailbox and pulled out a small pile of letters, with a postcard from Boston University catching my eye. I THREW everything else on the ground and ripped open the over-sized postcard and began to read:

"Boston University would like to invite you to attend it's 2010 Accepted Students Day! Please RSVP at..."

I began openly shouting "I got in!! I GOT IN!!" at the top of my lungs and jumping around like I was skipping rope, knees tucked and everything. :) Then I started to think for a second and began to wonder what kind of school sends out a postcard as a notice of acceptance to a graduate program? I mean, I understand that we're in a recession and all, but seriously? Ya couldn't spare a few more cents and put it on real paper? I called my dad, I called my sisters, I called my roommate, and all of them came to the same consensus: because I'd recently moved, the forwarded postcard had arrived before the acceptance package and I didn't have anything to worry about.

But I still couldn't help but wonder, 'What if they simply sent this to those on a BU School of Public Health mailing list, and I just happened to be on that list? How lame would that be! So of course I now had to wait 9 hours until their offices would open the next morning and I could call and inquire. Lucky for me, I had really been accepted. :)

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