Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Creativity: That's Better.

I've recently rekindled my passion for creating and it's manifested itself in the forms of textile goods and home decor. I've never considered myself to be creative or artistic, though I do have a talent for following others instructions for beauty. However, about a month after school began in August, I began to dabble with expounding upon this gift I would like to develop. In search of a new hobby with a professional mentor by my side, I commenced my rekindled passions with hair accents and textile broaches.
A few months later, I began to be inspired by the fashions I beheld all around me, and have since taught myself how to crochet, wanting to fashion a headscarf I saw but refusing to pay $36 for.
visit navyperl.blogspot.com for more fashions from these lovely ladies!

So, America, here is an idea, find the creator within YOURself, and don't settle for overpriced home goods when you can earn the satisfaction and pride of having contrived something of your own creative mind.

My creations..

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